Jessica Rasmussen

Jessica Rasmussen

NMLS #2307291
Loan Officer
Licensed in CA.

My name is Jessica Rasmussen. I first joined the mortgage industry after graduating from college. I started as a Loan Officer Assistant/Jr. Processor. When I started as an assistant, I quickly learned how much misinformation there is about the mortgage process. I started thinking… home purchases and homeownership is one of the biggest financial decisions we will make in our lifetimes, and what a disservice it is to not be fully informed about them. I assumed that you, like me, want to understand what you are agreeing and putting your name behind when you sign documents (especially when they deal with hundreds of thousands of dollars).

After learning and observing the best loan officers, I was inspired to act. So, I decided it was time to extend my own “Lending hand”. *Mortgage pun*. All jokes aside, I want people to know where they can get the best loans tailored specifically for them, and have the process be guided by transparency and efficiency. It is my duty to make sure people are educated and not taken advantage of. I want to help people get into home loans that allow them to live comfortably and eliminate undue stress. Just think of me as your personal Wikipedia page to jargon-filled terms and agreement sheet.

Something more personal about me is that before joining the mortgage industry I worked a long history of customer service. I have been a cashier and a bartender while I completed my degree in finance at CSU Stanislaus. Pairing my experiences of time spent talking and learning from so many people along with my formal education, I truly believe that the key to financial soundness is knowledge. The opportunities to meet your financial goals are at your fingertips if you just know where to find them. We can only know what we presently know. Use me as a tool in your belt as you build your future. Whatever that may look like for you!

When I am not wearing my mortgage lending hat, I really enjoy reading and spending time with my dogs. I would like to be a better cook, unfortunately, I was not gifted with the skill naturally. I also hope to travel more in my lifetime, maybe to Iceland one day.

I look forward to speaking with you about your home goals!

Equal Housing Opportunity. Branch NMLS #528459 | Licensed by the Dept of Financial Protection and Innovation under the CRMLA. APMC DRE# 01215943


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